We didn’t really know what to expect (except for the 10.5 hour plane ride) as we headed to Sweden last summer. From the moment we stepped foot into Stockholm, we were in awe of it’s pristine beauty. Neighborhoods are built around their clean and efficient public transportation.  You either ride the train, bus, or you WALK, and walk we did! Our best week had us tracked at 112,000 steps!

We were fortunate enough to stay with a local family. Every evening we would gather on their balcony to talk and have some wine. We quickly found ourselves looking forward to this time each day! The sun stays up throughout the summer until 11:00 PM, and is right back up again at 3:00 AM, allowing plenty of time to fit everything in!

Stockholm is surrounded by water, but was never humid.  Imagine the beach with no mermaid hair. Their beaches are a little different than ours, but when the sun is out, so are the Swedes.

Even the ZOO was the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. Kolmården is the largest zoo in Scandinavia and overlooks the bay Bråviken. It has extremely large exhibits, minimal barriers, and views of both the bay and forest.

Swedes have a high quality of life, they live in very organized spaces, and they love the look of clean modern lines. The style in Sweden is not the only thing that is HIGH QUALITY, they also have tight regulations on their food supply.  Because of the small population, they are able to grow/serve organic fresh foods as their norm. Their coffee/tea breaks are known as FIKA, a time to slow down, eat treats and connect.

We can’t wait until our next visit – half our heart lives in Sweden!

Airline Recommendation: Norwegian, their air filtration and specialized light system, helps to minimize jet lag.

Restaurant Recommendation: Thai Boat

Old Town: Gamla Stan

Amusement Park: Grönalund