How do you go from my love of great coffee and cranberry scones … to selling a home? Easy! Just put me in a room with someone else who loves homes, who also studies the market, and the questions flow from there. A big thank you to the owner of CACTUS COFFEE, La Verne!


It was such a privilege to list a Historic Spanish Revival home, in the Lincoln Park area of Pomona. From it’s original wood floors, to it’s proximity to the park, this home brought ALL the charm! It even featured a sunny breakfast bar room off the kitchen. The owner had restored it over the course of a year, and it truly paid off. The Open House visitors never stopped flooding in, and it SOLD in the FIRST week, with multiple offers.


Many times character homes have people just WAITING for them to come up for sale.  If you want one, let’s talk.  If you have one, let’s ALSO talk!


Biggest Hurdle: We were $25,000 over asking price and did not appraise at that amount.


Biggest Reward: Helping my client accomplish his Real Estate goals. We are already searching for his next investment.