Our buyers were perfect for this Claremont “fixer” … they also had the perseverance to WAIT for what they wanted. It was their “perfect ‘not-so perfect’ home”.


We began offering on this property in December – no answer.  We upped the amount and offered again – no answer, not even a counter.  They moved on.  We were seeing lots of other properties, and in the meantime, we got their Rancho Cucamonga home in Escrow, and SOLD.


We collectively made the decision to try ONE LAST TIME.  In  January, FINALLY, a response – offer accepted!  By the end, Las Casas had been on the market 115 days!  Our clients got a GREAT deal!  They’ve put in the work to make it their own, they already have equity, and it’s PERFECT for them!  We love sharing the real life stories, because every home sale experience is different!